Finding the right product for those who need it.

Shortages can occur due to many situations related to demand & supply, affecting numerous patients in a whole geographical region. When they arise, finding a supplier is not an easy task, and one of the keys to success in the procurement process is to consider a wide network of reliable suppliers.

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World Wide Supply Network

Offers solutions to different countries world wide, while combining both our experience and an international network of suppliers, offering to both governments and patients the treatment choice they require.

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This is an open invitation for all suppliers world wide to be a part of our network, those interested in expanding their business opportunity base. We are in the look for dinamic and reliable suppliers who can adapt to the needs of the markets world wide.

A brief glimpse of shortages

According to the World Health Organisation, shortages of essential drugs are becoming increasingly frequent globally, burdening health systems with additional costs and posing risks to the health of patients who fail to receive the medicines they need.

Every single country in Latin America has been affected by different kinds of pharmaceutical shortages, which represent an expensive situation for health systems to manage, while creating additional costs for replacement of medicines and absorbing significant staff time.

Medicine shortages pose risks for patient health as a result of non-treatment, under-treatment and possible medication errors from attempts to substitute missing medicines.

Products in short supply include many commonly used medicines such as antibiotics, cáncer medicines, cardiovascular medicines and anaesthetics. Many of them are off-patent products and are difficult to formulate or have a tightly defined shelf life. This combines with characteristics at the levels of manufacturers, buyers and supply chains.


We are an American company whose mission is to provide high quality pharmaceutical products undergoing a shortage situation for health systems in need to treat their patients.

Our reason of being is to satisfy the needs said patients, whose quality of life depends on receiving the correct treatment at the right time, through the highest quality standards in the processes of procurement, storaging and distribution.

Through our network of international suppliers, we have the capacity to respond to requirements in different countries in Latin America, offering reasonable prices and a fast and reliable service for processing the orders of our customers.

Our compliance policy and supply chain includes certified partners in Storaging and Conditioning Capacity, Good Storage and handling Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices, all required to correctly ensuring the effectivity of the delivered treatments.


In 2022 we will be the first supply choice on shortage products for different governments and health systems on the Latin American market, thanks to our robust network of international suppliers.


To provide at the right time and place high quality pharmaceutical products that may be undergoing a shortage situation, fulfilling the requirements of different health systems and their patients worldwide, by helping them have a better quality of life. We will do so at reasonable prices and complying with the best manufacturing, storaging and distribution practices.

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